Forest & environments

Wildlife and environment-

In Garhwal Himalaya Kedarnath Kasturi Devi Vihar (Century) situated at Mandakini Valley is famous , which spreads in about 967 km.  Mandakini valley is a desolate place for many deer, in which musk deer, reindeer, chital, Swam deer, Thar Goral, Bharhel , Himalayan fox, mountain goat. Wild pig, bears. Snow beer, wild cat etc. is the main area of ​​the district. Different species of birds reside in the district, including rabies, Kingfisher, Koyal, Chakore, Snokok, Wood Pigeon etc. are prominent


The Mandakini valley has innumerable flowers, flowers, trees, which are full of various colors and fragrances. The Brahma Kamal, which flourishes in the high Himalayan regions of the district, is the state flower of Uttarakhand state. Trees covered with buransh, foliae flowers attract everyone’s mind. Semel, Sarasu, Dhak, Briquette, baanj, Chid, Cedar, Khadik. Tune, Surai, Kail, Papadi, Mauru, Angu, reetha, Walnut,  Imarati bheemal, bedu, gainthi, timla, hariz, painya, kattha, kachnar etc , fuels and buildings  wood trees are valuable trees found in the district.

Herbal remedies-

Atisas, kutki, vajradanti, daruhladi, cinnamon, salam panja .Buzz, Hatzodi, Kapoor, Kachari, Doloo, Massi, aaracha, Sweet poison, Satabari, grit kawar, Hard, Amla, kadi patta, Latjira, Amhaldi. Kadvi, Chora Jatmasi, Dhup, Salam, Misri etc. Major herbal varieties are available in abundance in mountain peaks and forests. Other forest produce is found in Jhulla ghas, Lisa, Kingora, Hinsar, Bhamora, Kaphal, Farad, Chora etc..
Besides the stone, sand, gravel, slate, limestone, red soil etc., there are major minerals obtained from rivers and lakes.