Culture & Heritage

Living in the mountains mostly in places that are not easily accessible the people of the district have been able to preserve their culture, folklore, folksongs and folkdances,


Hariyali Devi Mela:
Held every year during the months of Navratra (September-October) at Hariyali Devi Temple. The temple has an ornate of the Goddess on a lion’s back. Devotees from various places throng here to worship the Goddess and seek her blessings.
Baishakhi Fair – On 13-14 of the month of April, it is celebrated  in the Mandakini valley with great curiosity in places like Augustamuni, Phegu, Talatoli etc.  . On this day the Sun enters the Aries Rashi.
Madhameshwar Mela:
Madhameshwar Mela is organized at Ukhimath Block headquarter. Second Kedar Lord Madheshwar’s Doli, reaches the Panchkedars  Omkareshwar temple, Ukhimath after the winter migration, from Madhameshwar Dham, on this occasion, a grand ceremony of the Madhameshwar fair is organized. A large number of devotees from different areas of district comes for visiting the fair.

Pandava Dance
Pandava dance is very popular in the district Rudraprayag. Pandava dance is based on the dance and music of the Kaurava-Pandavas described in the Mahabharata. It is believed that after Kurukshetra war,to get rid of sin of death of Guru and gotra Pandav had come to this part for praise of the Lord Shiv. In memory of Pandav still today the Pandav Leela is celebrated in this region.




It is celebrated on the auspicious day of Sri Ram’s birthday; Ramnavami takes place on the ninth day of Chaitra month. From singing ‘Bhajans’ to worshipping Lord Rama with incense sticks, the devotees dedicated themselves to Lord Rama for this day.

The festival of colours is celebrated with fun. Apart from playing with colours, the people of Rudraprayag dance around bonfires and   drinks Thandai.


A festival arranged to honour the mighty Lord Shiva; the temples of Lord Shiva are decorated during Shivaratri. Devotinal songs are sung and rituals are followed on this day. Even fairs are arranged.


A day celebrated for thanking the Nagas or serpent gods, Nagpanchami is celebrated on the fifth day of Sravana. The Nagas are offered      milk and figures of snake are made.
Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami, Diwali, and Dussehra are among the major festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and show in the region. Folk dances and spirit dances are a part of festivities and culture of the land